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5x50 day 23

I have not run outside since 2 September. Many reasons, holiday, weather, commitments etc, so have basically done most of this challenge at the gym apart from the walking. However, since my last outside run, my social life has been hectic, lovely but hectic nonetheless. I decided to weigh myself this morning and it was the boot up the bahookee I needed to get out there again. Ok hubby looked disapproving as I donned my running gear as my heel was bad yesterday but needs must. I went out and loved it, never had music but had my runkeeper on. I feel I've done more with today's 5k than the last 22 days even tho some of that has been running. It must be the fact I was outside, I don't know. I am not going to push my luck with the heel so cycle at gym tomorrow and hopefully a run outside on wednesday. (if I can still walk......)

How's everyone else's challenge going?

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I was off today and went to New Lanark Mill, it was pretty interesting, after walking round there for about 3.5 hours we took a walk on in the woods alongside the river.

We got so far and discovered there was no circular route so turned back we walked about 6k. It was pretty nice there are 3 waterfalls that powered the mill and run a hydroelectric plant.

I had thought we would be walking further but as it was all up and down steep hills I was just as glad to turn back when we did.

My ankle pain which had been subsiding seems to be coming back after today's walking.

Well done on getting out today.


New Lanark is an interesting place. We stayed in the Youth Hostel in one of the old building down by the river several times when our guys were wee. Good walks along the river. I bet the falls were quite spectacular with all the recent rain.

Good for you trying a run outside today, Angek108. I hope your heel was not too bothered with this.

I managed a 5km run today. I tried the C25K Speed podcast and enjoyed it, but it was hard work. I had planned to carry on after the short 20 mins podcast for another 20 mns, but only managed another 10 minutes at an easy jog pace. Mind you, it wasn't really an easy jog as it was uphill back to the house.


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