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Back after 2 weeks

After my bout of mastitis I woke this morning knowing that if I didn't get off my butt today and go for a run today then that would probably be the end of my c25k! I felt really unmotivated after my two weeks off and was unsure whether to go back a week or two! In the end I decided to carry on where I left off and do week 6 run 2 and am so pleased I did!

I did 10 mins then 15 mins and it felt good! Roll on run 3 on Thursday.. I will continue and finish the programme :0)

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Like the blog and that you were able to get back into where you left off. I struggled with todays run and am aching all over, and am wondering if I need to take a few days rest to see if it will help. Well done today.


Thanks, I didn't feel that I was put back too far by 2 weeks off physically, but mentally I was almost ready to stay on the couch! I really missed running the first week when I couldn't do it but then soon got out of the habit!

Maybe two or three rest days will allow your body to rest and recuperate so you can carry on and graduate, you are so close to the end now! You can do it x


Welcome back, Mumto2!! I am glad that you were able to jump right back in where you left off!! Keep Running!!


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