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5x50 Day 22

Hmm, knee feels ok, ankle isn't too bad and I did 16K on the bike at the gym.

Good luck at the run today Swanscot hope the whole family do well.

I am going to spend the rest of to today doing bugger all.

On the good days this challenge feels really easy. It's not difficult to fit in 5k of walking everyday, a different bus stop, and out at lunchtime pretty much covers it.

The weather is the real problem, don't want to sat at my desk soaking wet all day.

I've been pretty lucky so far, but its October tomorrow.

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Well done on today's 16k, I've not done anything for it today as my Achilles is really sore but have been busy with mundane shopping and housework crap so just sitting down now. Will more than make up for it on the gym bike tomorrow I hope.

Good luck to the Swanscot guys from me too!


All I've done so far today is the 5K run - which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way. I've written a wee bit about it in another blog post:

A couple of pics of me here:


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