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Fat Boy has 25 Minutes of Fun - Really! (W7R1)

Back from my week away with work I set off on my normal route for 25 minutes of running - no walking. Not daunted at all (really looking forward to it even though my achilles is still not perfect). It seemed quite odd that here I am 18 stone of slow moving bulk looking forward to running - Laura is a star.

I ran with a water bottle, just a small one (with a hole to put your hand through to make holding it easier) it made a big difference, when Laura says you're half-way through I am normally gasping for a drink, but a mouthful of water really energised me.

Then the weirdest thing happened, I got to the end of my route but I hadn't finished my run! This is a big step as I run a sort of circular route and ended up back at home with 5 minutes of walking still to go. This means that I am covering the ground much faster than when I started and hence I had to elongate the run and walk around the village to cool down.

Being fairly large I tend to sweat a fair bit and as I wear glasses it all gets really unpleasant, I bought a light weight peaked cap to keep the sweat out of my eyes and the rain off my glasses - it is brilliant. If you too want to try one, I went for the Nike Daybreak Running Cap.

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Nice one HappyDev. Being overweight myself I always look at it as being an extra achievement when I manage a long run, after all, how much more effort does it take to lug that extra weight around ?


Happydev, sounds like a great run! It makes it so much more amazing when you see and feel results! :-)


That sounds brilliant. I might try the hat idea to keep the rain out of my face. I wore a woolly hat today AND a hood because it was pouring down just as I finished my 5 minute warm up walk and started to run!

I agree with Chewy too.... It takes much more effort for us overweight folks as we have more to carry, and I appreciate it when my feet agree to carry me onwards. :)

I found myself further along my route this time too! I had to add an extra detour to my run already so I didn't finish running uphill. But today even with the extra detour, I ended up running my last 5 minutes uphill - I used to finish running before the uphill bit. Its a good indicator that we are getting a little faster each time, and a good feeling too! Well done HappyDev! And thanks for keeping us inspired. :-)


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