Completed week 5 yesterday, should I have 2 rest days or get on with week 6 tomorrow?

I normally run Mon, Weds and Fri but things have got messy since I was ill for a week so yesterday was my first run of the week. Normally race 3 is followed by 2 rest days but as I haven't done any running other than race 3, would it be ok to start week 6 tomorrow or not?

I'm confused???


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6 Replies

  • Hello, I think you could go ahead and start week 6 tomorrow if you feel like it and if you feel recovered enough. Lots of people seem to adapt the plan to their own level of fitness, stamina and will, and always take one day's break. I tend to have a two day break once a week, but its not fixed in stone. It varies from week to week. Well done by the way for doing the 20 minutes - great stuff!

  • Hi there, thanks for the reply :)

    I thought I'd ask, just incase you're meant to give yourself 2 days after that biggie! I'll give Week 6 a shot tomorrow and see how I go :)

    Thanks for the advice :) How are you getting on?

  • Good for you. I'm going to have a go at 20 minutes tomorrow. So far I've had no real problems except for the normal unfitness symptoms. Having come this far I find the breathing has settled down and my legs aren't leaden most of the time! I'm really excited about tomorrow! I burst into tears after the 8 minute runs so good ness knows what I'll be like after 20! Keep in touch, and good luck tomorrow.

  • I'm the same, my breathing has improved so much :) Legs still feel heavy though but after about 8-10 minutes I get used to it so...

    You should be excited!! Keep thinking you can do it and you will. Just enjoy it and don't go too fast too soon :)

    Hehe :) I got teary too so let those happy tears flow...while you're at it, throw in a little victory dance aswell ;)

    Good luck & keep us posted. I'll be looking out for your blog :)

  • It's Friday and I've had to put off the Big Run until tomorrow morning. I'm all geared up for it and perhaps the extra days rest will make it even easier!! I'll write a blog when it did week 6 run 1 go?

  • Aww :) Well enjoy your rest and pamper yourself so you'll be relaxed and ready for tomorrow! :) I'll be starting week 6 after work today, bit nervous but we'll see how it goes. I'll blog about it after...if I remember to!

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