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Disappointed in myself


I never ran today, today was meant to be my week 3 day 2 and I was due to run today but I didn't, I feel so disappointed in myself. Ive been on three nightshifts in a row and tonight is my 4th and I'm just so tired. I feel so guilty and disappointed. So I am going to run tomorrow and make sunday my third. I always said that Id never use my nightshifts as an excuse not to do exercise and eat badly. On a positive note, I've not ate any junk on my nightshift and sticking to my diet. Small victories.

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Don't be so hard on yourself. Life gets in the way at times so just adjust and carry on. And you should feel proud, you're on week 3! Whoop whoop 🤗💪👏


Be kind to yourself. An extra rest day is no biggy, especially if you needed one, listening to your body is sensible. Enjoy your rest day, and go back out there with your head high.


Oi! Are you back on the couch? Have you binned your trainers? Are you eating a lifetimes supply of Jaffa cakes in 2 hours? Or are you just knackered, so having an extra rest day? Don't feel guilty, you're human, not a machine. It's one run, and you're going to do it tomorrow. Relax. If you beat yourself up, it will become a chore, not a pleasure. And we're all here to support you, okay? x

Today was to be my W3R2 aswell but with the temp 34 in Glasgow this afternoon I skipped it and feel the exact same. Annnnnnd I have been bad and ate junk annnnnnd my Fitbit still isn’t over 10k steps yet 🙄🙄 triple disappointment.

Tomorrow’s a new day 🙌🏼 xx


Don’t beat yourself up. Stuff happens, you can run another day. Jeez if had to do night shifts I’d probably never run at all! You are clearly dedicated so you’ll get there. Take some time for yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff. Good luck. X

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