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Next week is the big week

Week 8 run 3 done today and graduation is in sight! If all goes well next week it will have taken me 12 weeks in total with weeks missed due to holidays and other issues. Like a lot of people on here I'm not running fast enough to cover 5k in 30 mins but I'm now just about covering 5K including my warm up/cool down walks. 12 weeks ago I didn't think I'd make it, now I'm sure I can and I know I can run faster for short periods so it's just a case of keeping building on my stamina some more, I know it's possible.

The couch to 5K program has been fantastic for keeping me moving forward, I can't honestly say I enjoy running yet but I enjoy being fitter and I'm looking forward to graduating and working out what to do next.

This community is a fantastic place for people looking for advice and support, many other forums seem full of people who want to criticize people's efforts or patronize them for asking what they think is a stupid question. I haven't seen any of that here, just friendly help and genuine support.

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Best wishes for run 3!!! We (smhall) and myself start week 9 on Sunday. Can you believe you are soon to start week 9? I never, ever dreamed I could make it through the program. Wishing you success future graduate!


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