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"Comparison is the thief of joy"

Somebody else posted this saying here -- but it does ring true to me right now. Being in a bit of a slump right now - starting to feel the approaching heat of an Australian summer and hating the mere thought of it - tired of looking to the sky for some rain for a change -- I am thinking that I have been trying to do too much, and comparing my results not only with that of others , but also with my past results. I will go to my local parkrun this Saturday - but I can feel that I won't be running the 5K non-stop. The way I have been lately , I will be lucky to make 1K :)

But I do enjoy simply "traversing" the country - running or walking or run/walking - with no thought of how long it takes me. So, over the next few weeks - until we go on 2 week cruise to NZ with 40 other friends - I am just going to select a nice looking route every couple of days with a distance up to and including 10K , and I'm just going to traverse it - and I'm not taking a watch!!!

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you've totally got it that running is about enjoyment and getting out there, and what a great idea to combine running with walking...And don't beat yourself up you are doing brilliantly, and just look back and see how far you've come...enjoy your cruise it sounds delightful. It sounds like its just what you need right now.


It's all about peaks and troughs isn' sound like you have a plan and enjoying it has to be the main thing doesn't it. And a cruise to NZ sounds wonderful!


Bazza I completely understand the self-competitive thing and was driving myself so mad with it I put myself into rehab and had the snooping and timing equipment removed. With the earnestness of the newly converted, can thoroughly recommend ditching the timing/tech kit and just enjoy the outings. If you don't have the numbers it's hard to fight them! Just enjoy for a bit.

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I hear you on the enjoyment of just traversing. Admittedly I do enjoy the short fast runs but I love long and multi-day hikes. There is satisfaction in putting the miles in, no matter how fast, how far. I suspect I'd love a trail running/hiking combo, something I'm keen to try next year. And the run - walk - 'do as you feel' fartleks are really my thing and with giving a go of you haven't already. Because it's fun to run really fast sometimes. And I don't feel bad at all if I walk during them as well.


Go for it Bazza - I'd just enjoy the traversing runs for now - you've a 2 week cruise coming up with 40 friends to New Zealand which sounds pretty amazing and definitely something to look forward to. Will you be able to run on the ship? As for your 5K - well we all know how psychological running is and if you're telling yourself you'll only make 1K then that is probably how it will be - so perhaps that needs a little re-thinking :) At 67 you are running distances a lot of people much younger can only dream about, indeed some people couldn't even walk these distances - you're doing great - I suspect that like a lot of us, you just like to have new challenges and mix things up a bit and you're not quite finding the opportunity at present but I'm sure one will come along shortly :)


Yes -- I know that if you think that you can't do it - then you can't and won't! :)

I think that I may have been overdoing it all a bit recently - and getting a bit tired. Have slept well for the past few nights so am feeling quite a lot better.

re Saturdays Parkrun - I am going to do it as an Interval run - I know where all the 1Klm points are so I will run 1K and then slow down for a while( probably even walk :) ) -- part of the training you know -- an Interval run 5x1K :)


Hey Bazza - well good sleep is the best curative of all :) My best run was after having a three day break - whereas my worst run was just a days break after having 'overdone it' on a previous run.

I'm just getting used to all the possibilities of what to do after graduating - originally I just planned to try to run 5k faster but now I'm getting soooo tempted to try for 10K - and today I can't decide whether to try some interval training which I've never done before or try the c25k+ stepping stones! Advice welcome :)


Of course - you have already done Interval training!!! That is exactly what 65% of C25K runs are - except that we don't run the run parts as fast as what

"Interval training" is normally thought as.

I have often considered ( but never done) doing C25K all over again - only upping the pace over and above what I originally did it at.


Now there's a thought - one could easy run the walking bits and up the pace a tad for the running bits. Perfect. We'd need to change the music of course and re-cast Laura - auditions to follow shortly :)


Hello Runon and Bazza - I think someone else posted on here that they used Laura and C25K but did exactly as Runon suggests, ie run the walking bits and speed up for the running bits. Seems like a great idea to me. Good luck!


It sounds like you need a break, a nice cruise in NZ with 40 pals is exactly what the doctor ordered :)

I have found that I obsess on times etc since I got my Garmin so now I put it on silent, pull my sleeve down over it and don't look at it until I finish. That way I can see my times later but just run in the moment with no thought to speed or distance.

I hope you find your enjoyment in running again, which ever way you choose to do it :)


That sounds like a really health approach. Every time I have hit a slump/down with it all it has been trying to reach some sort of target. Nice to just remove those and just enjoy the running, you'll still be running and maintaining fitness or getting fitter, but you'll just enjoy it for what it is. Happy running and happy hols when they come xxx


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