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5x50 Day 21

So I put my old shoes on today, and decided to try a run at the gym as the ankle felt a bit better.

It wasn't too bad I did 5k in 36 minutes with hardly any complaints from the ankle.

I stopped running in my old shoes and switched to barefoot running because of my knees, an my old knee pain has come right back. :(

Still pretty pleased at doing my first decent run in ages.

36 minutes is a good time for me, the best I have ever managed a 5k is 33.

I am also pleased that it was running that took me over the 225 mark.

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Well done you! I went to the gym and cycled 18k, I must admit I found it hard going to start with. Still enjoying totting up the k's. That's me on 180 now so well chuffed. Nearly half way there too!!


George, glad to hear you ankle held up ok with the running, but the knee pain is a worry.

I cycled 6km on the exercise bike, and walked 2.5 km about town.

Tonight is 'pasta party' night at the swanscot household. I have a big pan of vegetable sauce on the stove simmering as I type and will make the huge stock pot full of pasta shortly. Seven adults sitting down to eat tonight and three of us are running tomorrow in the Baxters Loch Ness Festival of Running. Middle son is doing the marathon, youngest son's girlfriend is running in the 10K event and I'm doing the River Ness 5K Fun Run. It's a nice level course along the river side and return. I'm not too bothered about my time - I've done a 5k Parkrun in 32mins, but that left me gasping for breath and very hot and bothered - and I want to enjoy the fun run. I just hope I don't get passed by too many wee children!


Wow George you really are an inspiration all those K's clocked up and nearly half way through your enormous challenge, well done and I hope you manage to stay pain free all the way to the finish line. Do you have something special planned for the final day? :)


Pasta for me too tonight and the last episode of Doctor Who.

Enjoy tomorrows running.

I don't know about the last day it's still so far away, it's the halfway point on Wednesday.

I am looking forward to getting back rest days I think.


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