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Clever Body! (The tale of the poorly C25Ker)

After having study days in Bristol two days in a row (driving there from Wales every day) I donned my trainers to do the last run of Week 6.

Five minutes in and EVERYTHING hurt, my knees, thighs, calves, hamstrings; everything was screaming at me to slow down to a walk, now I've never EVER walked halfway through a run, but for some reason at precisely 6m36secs I went to a brisk walk and did my own intervals (running for the last five minutes) but it wasn't fun.

I went home feeling rather dejected with the old "your a fool if you think your a runner internal monologue" and settled down for the Evening feeling very sorry for myself. The following morning, bam, full head cold complete with aching joints and soaring temperature. Seems like my body was trying to tell me something on run day and by the time I headed out my immune system had already taken a bashing.

Any tips on how to run through a cold? This is the third day now since my failed attempt and I would really like to go again today as it's showing no signs of easing up.

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I'd say don't try and run with a cold until you feel as though your general energy levels are back to normal. Colds are really draining and I had to rest up just before W5 R3. It was worth it as if I had stuck to my schedule I would have failed it miserably. Get well soon and you'll be back at it before you know it! :)


So frustrating, and you do get a feeling that you'll loose loads of progress when you take some respite. I will just have to be patient with myself, thanks for the advice.


I would tend to agree that it's probably best not to run whilst you have the cold. You don't want to knock your confidence by trying and failing, it might seriously set you back.

Rest up and get over the cold and attempt it again once you feel back to normal.

Don't forget this whole programme isn't a race itself, reaching graduation is the goal, not how quickly you accomplish it, I recently had to rest up for a week because I had pains in my right foot, this was immediately before W5R3, which was something of a hurdle for me.

I simply repeated the first 2 runs of week 5 after my 1 week layoff and then I nailed W5R3 without any problem.

Good luck.


Have to agree with Fraz and FastB - Don't run through a cold is the best way to deal with it.


Maybe try a day or two of rest? I have been fighting allergies since week 5 and am now into week 9. It is a struggle with coughing, runny nose etc. Try self treating and rest, you will do much better! :-)


Hi KT Poor you - sounds like a rotten bug :-(. I hope you feel better soon. While it is OK to run with a head cold, stuffy nose etc if you feel up to it, if you have a temperature or only don't have one because you have dosed up with paracetamol or similar you should NOT run or do other strenuous exercise due to a (very tiny but real) risk of cardiomyopathy. So - off to bed early with a hot drink and hopefully you will feel better in the morning. :-)


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