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Not a happy camper!

I finished w2r2 yesterday. It was harder than the first run this week. It was very humid out, so that could have been why. Today i wanted to do something since it's not a run day, so i thought i'd try the 30 minute shred. Someone shoot me now!! My knees hurt, my back hurts....i didn't like it at all!! I think my next non-run day i'll try yoga!

I hope you are all having a happy day!


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It will be the humidity no air wind. I bike ride or walk on rest days, just to stop the stiffness, What is the 30 min shred??? sounds painful. Keep going it does get easier I promise. This is from an overweight lady (yes lady) in mid forties, who wasn't built for running an who has just completed W7 R2 so if i can do it anyone can..


Is the running helping you to lose weight?

30 Minute Shred is a workout video by Jillian Michaels. I've never seen the show, but apparently she is one of the trainers on America's Biggest Loser (I think that's what it's called).


Not sure what the 30 min shred is either, but it doesn't sound like fun at all! Don't beat yourself up. Yoga is great for loosening up the tight spots..."honor your body"--that's what my Yoga instructor always says (and I'm no "spring chicken" either, aged 50+). Truly, walking or biking are, again, great between run days activities.


I have lost eight pounds, which i have to say is a bit depressing but i have lost three inches off my waist and hips so thats good news


Good luck with R3 qdaisy! Jillian use to be on the biggest loser...she is pretty intense and scares me a bit!! ;-) I'm starting week 9, not much weight loss even though I watch what I eat but I am Toning up.


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