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Moment of madness

Don't know why but decided to to a B210k run today. So far since ankle injury have been only managing about 4k runs.

So why did I decided to do this I don't know, but thought give it a go?

The run was slow managed to complete the 4x10min jogs okay and did 7.25km, including warm up walks.

Won't be doing it again in a hurry but pleased I could manage it.

My only quibble with this B210k podcast by Samantha Murphy is that its so quiet I could hardly here her say slow to your 1 minute walk!

I had the volume up full blast

Any tips on better B210k's or has anyone else had this problem with this download?

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I gave up on them as I too couldn't hear her. Also I didn't think the intervals were working for me. One minute was not enough time for a recovery walk after running for 15 mins, etc, I'd rather run continuously, or short, fast intervals.


Yep, she mutters and with the music & traffic noise I find it difficult to make out. The other day I was running in quite stormy weather and I don't know if my ears deceived me but did she say "allright you're kicking butt"?? Can't imagine Laura saying such a thing... :-D


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