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Review your gear here!

I had an idea to start this as an ongoing thread were everyone can review running gear they have recently bought. There's so much choice out there that I think it's a bit daunting picking some decent gear.

It can then be used to help people who might not be sure what to buy to make an informed decision. So lets hear about your bargain find, your spending splurge, are you new trainers brilliant or rubbish. You get the idea! I'll start off!

I've just been out for my first run in this top which I decided to buy as things have been getting cold (and wet!) recently and I wanted something a bit warmer than my running t-shirts.

Initial thoughts are that the material is lovely and soft, the fit it very good and it has two elasticated pockets at the sides. Ideal for when things get frosty so i can start running with my gloves on and take them off when I start to heat up. It's not exactly a bargain but I feel its a good investment!

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I'm not sure if its just coincidence but nearly every time someone mentions a products brand name on here up pops spam, this could be interesting;)

The problem here though mark909 is everyone's budget is not the same and although I love to sing the praises of something I've found especially good most of my buys are very much middle of the road price range cos I'm just an OAP you see:)


Hi mark909,

I quite like the idea of a running kit/gadgets review sticky thread. Whatever price it comes in at. Many of us, in these cash strapped times are not well off. Well I know I'm not and I work full time! I've also had to report spam quite a few times but not sure how linked that is to brand names. I don't want to buy something with the little money I have only to find it isn't fit for purpose; itches; is badly sized etc.

I've had bad running kit buys and good ones, so am happy to promote stuff I think is good and let people know if something didn't work for me. I won't blacklist stuff by saying it is ****, but I think if we keep it to being a positive thread, and let people know as best we can by private messaging if we think something is a really bad deal? I dunno, what do the moderators think?



My best (and first) buy was a belt for my iPhone or iPod. It is from TuneBelt, is adjustable and stretchy, and has a clear window that you can also swipe with your finger and the touch function will still work on your device. It also has a wee pocket on the back for keys, etc. I am very glad I bought this, as I don't think I would have been happy with one of those things for strapping the device to my arm. I bought it from Amazon.


Thanks ScottishHoosier thats the type of thing I mean! I don't have an iphone or ipad but im sure thats useful information for someone that has.

However I can't imagine it being much fun going out running with an ipad attached to your arm!


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