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Road-running rules?

Are there any rules & regulations to running on roads and pavements?

I know it's a silly question but there are a fair amount of private residential estates around my neck of the woods and I wouldn't mind running around them except that they are all private and have signs along the lines of 'residents only'.

I'd like to run around these estates though as they're quiet, spacious, green and looked after, but equally don't want to get in trouble for doing such a thing. More importantly, I'm quite nosey and wouldn't mind having a look at the big houses and flash motors on the drive ha!

Is there a set of written (or unwritten) rules for such a thing?

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I am not sure if there are rules or not. Near me there are some that you can't drive down (need a pass /code to get through the barriers but see in reason why you can't walk or run round there. We went round a couple the other week with our running club.... So if a group of 10-15 people in luminous yellow didn't get yelled out I am sure you'll be fine.. I loved looking at the houses!!!!!!


Thanks. I guess it'll just be a have-a-look and see.


I know what you mean and it can be confusing but these private residential estates are just that, private. The residents will be paying to keep them so nice and won't want people who don't live there running through them.

I don't think you would get into trouble but if you think of these areas as their gardens and ask yourself if you would be happy if somebody ran around or through your own garden, you probably wouldn't.

As far as I know, you can run on any public footpath or roadway as long as you are respectful of other users, you sound like a nice person, I'm sure you are!


I never thought of it like that, I might take a run down to a few of them and see if there are any restrictions posted...


Get yourself an OS 25:000 scale map. If the route you're planning to run on is marked as a bridleway or footpath you'll be fine


Good shout!


Depends upon where you live. In Scotland, for example, you can go almost anywhere you like.


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