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5x50 day 18 and Lithotripsy

Well today has been interesting....

Knew I had physio at 11.20 for my first lithotripsy treatment for a tear in my Achilles. Had well over a year of pain, which didn't ease with exercises from the physio or ultrasound, so went on waiting list for this. Been looking forward to and dreading today in equal measures as I want the tear to heal obviously but also heard this can be quite painful to get. It literally only takes 5 minutes to deliver 2000 shocks, the level depends on what you can cope with. It was sore but not unbearably so. I will have a few sessions of this with breaks of between 2 & 4 weeks.

So off I go to the gym 1st and did 15k on the bike on a higher level than I normally do (still very low compared to everyone else!) then off to the physio. It's not too bad now, although he said it will hurt and not to exercise for a few days (hmm,will have to see how it goes coz I am rather enjoying the challenge)

I have clocked up 150km so far so I may concede and take tomorrow off. Don't swim so that's not an option.

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Good, hope you start to heal soon. I seem to have a bit of plantar fasciitis and some tendon problems caused by my weird gate.

Been recommended orthotics and told to quit barefoot running.

Although I can walk and cycle as much as I like.

Well done on the 150!


Wow, you've this pain for more than a year - no wonder you were anxious for the lithotripsy treatment. Well done on reaching 150 km despite suffering with this Achilles problem.

George will you be allowed to run in 'normal' running shoes with the orthotics or are they for your walking shoes?

Today I was lucky again with the weather. It was dry when I went out and started raining about 10 minutes from the finish. But only light rain. Twenty minutes later it was chucking it down.

I did a hilly road route - a 6 k loop with one short section of about 500m of farm track, that today was flooded in 2 places. The muddy water was ankle deep, and I had no choice but to run through it, but it was fine. My feet did not feel cold at all and within a few minutes they did not even feel wet! Strange!

I followed the C25K+ Stepping Stones podcast and found this helped me keep a steady pace throughout. I ran at an average of just under 7mins/km, which is slow, but with the hills and feeling tired, I didn't expect much better.


Yes, I could run with the orthotics in my old traditional shoes.

They are a bit pricey, but are probably worth it.

Someone at work told me to get them on the NHS but, god knows how long that would take. Last time I tried to get an appointment with an NHS physio it was about a 6 month wait.

Whereas I could pay a bit and get these in 2 weeks.

All I did today was walk 5.8 which has left me feeling like I have skived off somehow.

I definitely have a lot more stamina than i did a few weeks ago.


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