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Phew W2 completed and in the dry

I had to delay R3 of W2 as the weather was so appalling yesterday - but managed to complete the week this morning. I feel sore today more so than usual probably because I had more than 1 rest day between runs. But reading some of your posts out there regarding just how many rest days to have without it being a period of total inactivity I don't think it matters I had a couple of extra rest days this time its just a little more noticable. I am now actually looking forward to starting W3. I suppose running the in the rain will take a bit of getting used to and as some of us have chosen to start this program at this time of year its something we'll just have to put up with as long as we don't get too waterlogged. Howling gales however might just put me off. Still feeling encouraged by all your posts from blog-land. SBx

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Welcome to week 3 sexybexy!!!! We do our third run on Thursday, then don't run again until Sunday. We were concerned at first to have the extra day off, but in a way it seems to help prepare us mentally and give our bodies an extra day to recover. You will eventually find what works best for you. Again, welcome to week 3 and I hope it's a bit drier for you!!!!


gdeann - thanks for your comment, always great when you get a response from all the bloggers out there. I'm going to give it a go whatever the conditions so I can speak with experience next time. Good luck with the program too! SBx


We had a long weekend away last weekend which led to there being a 5 day gap between W2R1 & R2. I was worried that it may set me back, but if anything it gave a couple days extra for the niggles to sort themselves out. I'm not saying its a good idea to have longer breaks all the time, but if life happens and one is needed, it won't destroy your programme. Well done for keeping it up!


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