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Rain stopped run!

Didn't get out for my scheduled run yesterday - torrential rain, rather chilly, blustery winds (the usual stuff for Yorkshire really, ha ha ), puddles and running water everywhere. It was pretty unpleasant just walking around. Run tomorrow, I thought!

Today: more rain, still torrential, so I thought I'd go to the gym. Now it's becoming clear that even that may not be an option as the river is rising big-time (the gym is the other side of the bridge) and basically our town is cut off. School's closed, hardly anybody about, husband couldn't get to work, sirens echoing around..... Just heard on the radio that our town is to be avoided at all costs!

I'll keep you posted. I might be doing another session of strength and flex instead!

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Stay safe Soozz thats more important than any exercise routine. If it makes you feel any less alone we have pretty much the same conditions up here in Aberdeen, the wind kept me awake for hours in the night, I feel as if I have a real bad hang over this morning from lack of sleep. :(


Hope you're OK there up in Aberdeen, bet it's chilly there. Think we may end up just making some nice warming soup, and sticking a DVD on!!!!


Sounds horrendous. Just stay safe. Hot soup, mmmmm, just the stuff :-)


I lived in Aberdeen for six months in 1993 -- the beautiful granite city. Loved it. Lucky you and sorry about the weather.


Hope you haven't been washed away Sooz. It's still raining here so almost certainly an indoor S&F tomorrow. Typically they are saying the rains going to stop on Thursday when I'm away, grrr...


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