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WK3 R1 Knackered!!! / breathing? / forest or field?

WK3  R1  Knackered!!! / breathing? / forest or field?

After doing WK1 and Wk 2 runs twice over (got man flu at start of WK2 so started all over again) I have today jogged the WK3 R1 and soooo nearly didn't finish, but did! My legs were like lead and trying not to trip over my Jack Russell every other step in the forest did not help. I think I need to get on the playing fields to make it a little easier next time other wise I'm not sure I can do it again. Also apart from my back giving me a bit of trouble (which I can jog through the pain) I cannot get my breathing right, the four steps breath in and four out don't work for me.. any other tips on breathing please?

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Good job underlay! I am into week 8 and I'm still not sure if I'm breathing correctly! I worried and concentrated the first 5 weeks, now I just try to relax and let my body find the right breathing pace etc. It will come with time, just try to take slower, deeper breathes. You have a cute running partner!!!!


Don't worry about breathing to a pattern, that is just too much when you are new in my humble opinion, just try and do a steady pace, slow as you need to without walking if you are anything like me! And let the breathing take care of itself! Good luck. Love the dog pic!


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