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Garmin forerunner 10 short battery life??

Have just been searching around to see when the Garmen Forerunner 10 is available here and found this sports blog, says the battery-life of the FR10 is only 6 hours in GPS mode. (Only in German, scroll down and it's just above the pics of the pink/green FR10)

Isn't this a bit short? How long do the batteries on the 110 last?

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I too have been looking to see when this is available and was surprised at the battery life in GPS mode. However, for me it won't be an issue as I don't plan on running for that many hours in one go that I would need it!

I think the forerunner 110 is about 8 hours in 'training' mode (I assume this means using the GPS).


I guess. Thanks doggymum.

This is maybe a row of really stupid questions, but can you recharge the batteries? And when you're not using it in training mode, what does it do? ie Can you measure anything other than time in non-training mode?

If you run for 45 minutes three times a week you'd need a new battery every few weeks. :-( How much do they cost?


From what I can gather, you get a USB lead in with the watch. This connects to the back of the watch so that you can upload your stats onto the Garmin Connect website if you want to monitor your runs in a bit more detail. The watch can be charged at the same time as you are uploading data so I'm guessing that if you upload your stats after every run (or every few runs depending how long you run for) you shouldn't have a problem with battery life. But you would need access to a USB for charging if you aren't uploading data as it doesn't come with a wall plug.

It can just be used as a normal watch if you aren't using it for training as far as I can tell it doesn't do anything else.

Hope that helps a bit :)


Brilliant - so what is described as a 'paltry' battery life in the article doesn't matter unless you're a real long-distance runner and I'm a still wee bit away from that!

Thanks again doggymum - that was really helpful! :-)


LOL I am also a [long] way off!! And I'm also guessing that a hard core runner wouldn't be looking at these kinds of watches they would want something with far more options on it!


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