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Thinking about a Garmin Forerunner 110?

I was just perusing Amazon for a xmas gift for my wife when I spotted the 'upcoming black friday' deals that they generally do. Technically it's not friday but they've got a bunch of deals on today.

Flicking through the list (230+ deals coming up) and ther'es one for the Garmin Forerunner 110 starting at 12:44pm today (45mins from now).

Not sure how much it'll be discounted, how quick it'll go or what but thought I'd post a heads up in case anyone is looking for a 110 and wants a bargain.



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last year there wasn't much of a discount on this one - but i will be checking it out for OH for a xmas pressie (he trail runs far far more than me so he'd like one)


£69.99, a £40+ saving.


Thats a brilliant saving!! I got it at the higher price on amazon so everyone should go and grab this whilst they can! Thanks!



You rat!

I was at work. I followed your link, hmmm, yes I was thinking about one of those, and they now have the HRM which they didn't have before, I'd rather have the pink one but it's not on offer, I'll wait for the offer to go live than decide.

Waited for it to go live. Oooohhhh, what a good price, yes, definitely, put one in my basket (I'd already logged into Amazon), it doesn't matter that I don't have my shiny plastic card with me as Amazon has my details. It's a lot of money though. Christmas is coming so there's plenty of other things to spend my money on. I have 15 minutes to decide before the offer disappears out of my basket. Do I want one? Yes, I want one! Do I need one? Weeellllll, this isn't such an easy question to answer. Should I? What could I do with it? I'd track my runs, well I currently map them on mapmyrun when I get back, so I know how far I've gone and got a record of the route. So strictly I don't need it for that, but it would be nice to be able to see info on the way, but not essential. What else would I use it for? I'd time my runs. But don't I already do that with the stopwatch on my phone, and I still have to take my phone with me 'just in case', so no great advantage for the watch there. What else. It's got a HRM, I could track my HR. Why? Why do I want to do that? I'm running for fun and fitness not to go do a marathon or mega training session, I'd have that info but wouldn't do anything with it.

So now we're down to 10 minutes before I need to check out or it disappears from my basket. Remember I was at work, it's not just me going through this torture but my boss as well as she's sat opposite me and I'm doing the agonising out loud. She's quite bemused at why I would ever go out and run, let along spend £70 on a glorified watch and think it cheap.

I've got about 8 minutes left so go and empty the dishwasher and put the kettle on.

5 minutes to go. I need to go and collect practical equipment that the teachers used last lesson before lessons start again at 1.30. If it's still in my basket when I get back it's serendipity and I'll get it, if not, then it wasn't meant to happen. Off I trot. One of the teachers is still putting back and counting the glass blocks and prisms, so that takes a bit more time to collect those trays.

Back: 30 seconds to go, 30 seconds more agonising! Boss still somewhat amused.

So did I? Am I now £70 lighter in the wallet department and waiting to mug the postie each time he comes to the door? Or did I go on my run this morning thinking if I'd got that watch I'd be pressing the button now rather than trying to put my phone in my pocket without turning off the timer?

I'm going to let you go through all the agonising I went through after reading the opening post, then I might, just might decide to tell!!!

Happy runnings!

And Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends across the pond!



I was exactly the same. Thought it'd take a tenner off the price. I was convinced it'd still be above £100. I said to myself if it's less than £75, I'd get one.

Then the offer came in at £70 - Bargain, added to my basket... half way through checkout - "Do I really need one? - I use my phone and runkeeper to check my distances et al - I'll take my phone anyway for music and distance markers through my app" so what does the watch do that I don't need it for?

Close my window... sit at my desk tapping my fingers thinking "it's a damn good deal though! - and I've wanted a garmin for an age"... open back up the window, still got a few left! Re-add to basket, go through the tapping... should I? Shouldn't I?

Should I keep the money and spend it on something else? Christmas is coming up etc. Check my balance, I can afford it...

ok ok, purchased.

Got home, excitedly told my wife and she replies with a blank face with a hint of disappointment.... I ask what's wrong?

She'd been planning on getting me a Garmin for xmas and now I've beat her to it! D'oh!!!

Now writing that, I'm in two minds again! I'll be using the app on my phone for GPS tracking, music and audio cues, so why do I need the watch? Only plus point for me is the display showing current pace - it's easier to check rather than trying to glance at my phone wrapped around my bicep whilst running.


I love your wife's response! Made me laugh!!!! Hubby's always telling me off for buying myself things towards the end of the year instead of telling him I want/need one. At least she hadn't spotted the offer and you've got two on the way! Hopefully.

I didn't go through with it, I need to wait for birthday/Christmas next year. I'm sure I can cope without for another while.


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