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Week 1 Down

Well I cant quite believe it, I have just finished Week 1. Wooo Hooo !! I was walking in between my run days but am still undecided as to whether I should do something like a brisk walk or to totally rest and do nothing, any suggestions about this would be greatly appreciated. I have also started a new eating programme dont know if you are familiar with the paleo diet or Lola Berry but I feel fantastic and my sugar cravings have just vanished, I want to loose about 10kg and so have combined the C5k and paleo diet together and it seems to be working I have lost about 1kg this week but it seems like I have lost more in centimeters as my boobs, belly,waist and hips are smaller so that is a big motivator for me. I am really looking forward to starting Week 2 this week and I find that all your posts and questions are really motivating, my head seems to be in the zone for some reason or other at the minute....I just hope it stays there, hahaha anyway thankyou everyone for your motivation and I will let you know how I go with week 2. Have a great week.

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Good morning pinkus, first of all a very well done on getting started and in such a positive way too. Secondly take out the tape measure and take a note of your mearurements, you will be amazed at the drop in inches/cms before too long, not overnight but by the end of the 9 weeks I think you will see a big difference in your overall shape. You may well not have lost all your Kgs but your body will be much more toned.

I think I can speak for most runners on here that although the programme states a rest day between runs that really should state refrain from running every other day. Other exercise is good it will help maintain your stamina and build strength for the longer running periods which lie ahead of you. Try a mix, thats always good, I walk a lot, swim, do pilates, zumba and aqua gym, oh and more recently I do weighted hula hoop at home. I do have a rest day once a week when I do no exercise classes but nearly always end up going for an easy walk, a dander as I call it just because I enjoy the fresh air so much.

I hope this helps a little and enjoy the rest of the programme, do keep us posted on your achievements too, its good to hear how everyone is getting on. :)


Oh My do you fit it all in ?? I googled the weighted hula hoop as it had me intrigued, what will they come up with next, how are you finding it, has it whittled your waist away yet.....I should maybe do it for mine....thinking of the zumba classes though, you have inspired me, thanks so much xx


Well done! Week 2 here you come! Great job on combining c25k with your eating plan.


Yes so far I am really enjoying my eating regime....and I am a chockaholic and I have not missed the chocolate at all, it seems to me that when I eat loads of carbs & sweets (chocolate) it fuels my cravings for them and I just had to have them. Oh well its only week 1 so have a bit to go yet but thanks for the encouragement it really helps. xx


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