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Lovely Park run

Ive been worried all week about a back sprain, but it has gradually improved, and today I did the park run again. I am quite keen to go regularly because my daughter is also doing it and I can encourage her if we run together. It was a chilly start, but clear, and there were more people this week than last week. We set off slower than last week because I think I used up too much energy on a fast start last time and didnt have enough left for the last km. I wasted a bit of time taking my jumper off as I warmed up, but even so knocked 6 seconds off last week's time. I really enjoyed the run, and it was fun meeting the same people again. The down side is that my back is a bit twingy, but I'm hoping that this will fizzle out again. I'm determined not to lose my fitness!! I'm not aiming to increase my distance, but I do want to improve my speed and reduce my pulse rate. Park run seems a great organisation and perfect follow on from couch to 5K.

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Well done hope your back twinges ease off soon.


Hi Cupcake I posted a blog earlier on but its gone puff into ciber space by the looks of things.

Well done on managing your Parkrun with a sore back, take care though and don't overdo things and make it worse. Smashing result getting a new PB, be proud of yourself. :)


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