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We did it without Laura (just)

Sorry Laura, but I had no choice and left you at home last night. All headphones did a disappearing act in my house (thanks to teenage daughters) along with socks, makeup and CDs ......

At first I thought I can't do this (have never run without being plugged in before) but I managed to get a grip and go for it. Have to say it was mentally challenging more than anything having to work harder to push those negative feelings away. Being able to hear myself breathe so heavily - not a good sound! I also ran straight after work as opposed to the early morning run I am used to - I definitely feel heavier at the end of the day.

Manged to do the time although still just short of 5K. Looking forward to tomorrow having got (and hidden) my headphones. Hoping to push harder to reach that 5K mark - my next goal.

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We have those little gremlins at our house too. Things disappear and no one seems to know... glad you made it through the run, sounds like a tough one, but you did it!!!!


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