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week 9 Run 2 done, only 1 to go!

Just had a fantastic run, everything was perfect. A crisp sunny morning with a real nip in the air. I managed to cover 2.8 miles in 30 minutes then pushed on to finish on 3.2 miles in 34 minutes, taking my pace to under 11 minutes/mile.

For all those that are slogging through the earlier weeks, take heart, for me at least, I've found that a lot of things have really come together in weeks 8 and 9, for instance I now get the breathing thing and even do some breaths through my nose (if only to prevent midge spp. inhalation). I'm also finding that I have the room to try experiment with my stride which is what I think is increasing my speed.

Now I'm looking forward to Monday and graduation!

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Way to go soon to be graduate! I'm starting week 8 and can't believe how far I have progressed. It is still a struggle so I hope I have the same results as you my last few weeks.


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