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Pride goeth before a fall: running injury

So I've been really pleased with myself - running without Laura, feeling like running more often - and wham bang I have developed a minor injury.

The pain is at the top of my hip. I say pain as I can't think of a better term; it doesn't hurt a lot - more like a bruise but there is no bruise visible. It hurts when I put weight on my leg (i.e. walk!) and when I get up from sitting; but it doesn't hurt if I'm not moving/exercising. Any ideas as to what this could be? Presumably I should just rest it?

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Do you stretch afterwards? Not an expert but sounds like TFL ligament - if you google TFL stretch, there's a couple you can do, which aren't always in the standard stretching routines, worth a try, might be worth checking with a GP/Physio?sports therapist


You don't say how long it's been going on but ice is usually a good treatment in the first few days (you can make an ice pack by feezing a damp sponge & putting in a plastic bag if you don't have one). There are a lot of mucles in that area so I wouldn't like to speculate, I recently had a hip pain which actually turned out to be a gluteal strain (the pain radiated out even into my lower back). The physio diagnosed me by putting me through a series of stretches to see which produced the pain, he then gave me a list of specific stretches as treatment. I'd recommend a physio as the GP wasn't much help, a sports physio would be best.

Hope you can get it sorted soon! :-)


Im in the same boat as you. ran 6 miles with a water bottle at the side of my waistband instead of in the small of my back as normal (different leggings) & have developed hip pain on putting weight on it. bought heel inserts for my shoes & they helped a bit but cant run as it flares up again. have got an appointment with dr tues morning so hopefully he can tell me whats wrong. my advice would be to rest up for a little while as running on mine has made things worse, although you say it doesnt hurt to exercise (lucky you!) gonna google TFL ligament now to see if thats what Ive done. hope it gets better soon. shelley x


Thanks for these suggestions. I don't usually do stretches - just still follow Laura's advice on a 5 minute walk to warm up/warm down.

And, notbad, I meant it doesn't hurt if I'm NOT exercising! It's when I put weight on it that it hurts - so as I put my foot down when I'm walking and even worse when I put that foot down to go up or down stairs.


Just googled tfl - it links to ankle muscles, the ligament I think you may have problems with is the tensor fascia ligament, part of the ilio-tibial band, so don't get confused!


sorry, I misread wrong. just checked back to see if anyone else had any advice :)


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