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Oh dear, Week 7 run 3 EPIC WILLPOWER FAIL

Damnit, I am so cross with myself.


I was rushing to get out in that tiny slot between when the kids go to bed and when darkness suddenly falls. If organised I can be out by 6.55pm which means I can get home in twilight.

First off I misplaced my Shuffle (oh the irony) which then miraculously reappeared 10 mins later. So 7.10pm off I shuffle, I mean run. All ok so far, but as usual the slight slope at the beginning kills me (tell me it gets easier please someone?). I got to the end to the end of Muddy Lane, turned right into a wall of bonfire smoke. Persisted gasping and lung fulls of woodsmoke for about 5 more mins, and then I actually gave up. What the heck is that about?

Thats the first time I have not completed a run and I was really cross with myself the minute I stopped. This is silly, I've done that run, that route, in much higher temperatures (which I struggle with), but a bit of smoke and my will power just desserted me.

Damn it I'm going to go out tomorrow night, change route and I will do it!

Kindly come and give me a kick up the backside folks! Many thanks!!

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Not sure you can just blame the willpower. Wood smoke is awful stuff and given you need all the oxygen you can get running I'm not surprised your lungs packed up and refused to go any further. I'm sure when you next go out you will be great.


Put it behind you, chalk it up to experience because it's just one of those things.

You'll be fine once you've calmed down :)


No, don't worry, this happens to many of us (well, not the woodsmoke :) ) but the giving up. Your next run will be better - post here and tell us about it!


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