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Week 7 here I come!

I wasn't looking forward to my first 25 minute run at the end of week 6 and kind of doubted my ability to do it. It wasn't help that I felt out of breath during the first five minutes and I wondered if I would need to turn back. But, I got into my stride and although I did remain feeling pretty puffed out all the way (having a large curry and a couple of glasses of wine the previous evening probably contributed!!) I managed to survive my 25 minutes.

I felt really happy. I maintained a steady pace all the way and although I looked not unlike a beetroot by the time I got back I felt a real sense of achievement.

Despite this, I am nervous about beginning the final 3 weeks. It great when it's over, but the actual running is very much mind over matter. Does that ever change? I sure hope so!

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If you can do 25 mins you can definitely do the next 3 weeks. Think of the progress you've made up to this point, 25 mins of non stop running is pretty amazing. Some runs will be easier than others, I think W8 R1 was my worst ever & W8 R3 was one of the best. Just try not to be discouraged if you do get a difficult one & keep going. Think about the blog you can write when you've finished & how impressed all the people still on the couch would be if they could see you (and don't worry about beetroot, it seems to be a very popular colour on here!)


Thank you for your encouragement and advice. I really appreciated it


Well done. Sounds like you've done really well. Week 7 for both of us. We can do it! Oh yes!


Well done Pelephant...we WILL do it :-)


Congrats chipstick, great achievement :)

If I'm home from work at a reasonable time tomorrow I'm off to do wk6r3. I approach it with trepidation, how can I run for 25 minutes? I felt the same before the 20 min run in wk5, which I did and really enjoyed so I guess I can but it's pretty anxiety inducing stuff!!!

I struggle to get into any kind of flow, it seems to take me about 7 or 8 minutes to feel comfortable. It's only then that I feel like I can really do this! Fingers crossed!!!

Well done again - fantastic!


Good luck with run 3...I was full of trepidation before my run too, and still am at the prospect of three further 25 minute runs this coming week, not to mention the longer ones ahead. Hope yours run goes well.


I felt the same while doing wk6r3... And like yourself to much wine the night before and pizza sure didn't help.. Neither did the 22 mile bike ride on Saturday afternoon.. Today my legs feel like they want to drop off, they ache so much.. But I think it's worth it just for the pride I felt when Laura said "I'm a runner"..

Good luck with wk7r1.. X


Chipstick, I just started week 7 last night and it is all rather daunting! It is amazing though that we can do it!!!!! I really hope it is true that our bodies are ready to take on the 30 minutes in a few weeks! I know I went out with a bad attitude week 6 run 1 and it was my worse run to date. Our mental attitude I believe is 90% of the program. I try to have a better mental picture of what I am doing and what I am accomplishing and I never doubt the program as it has brought me this far. Good luck into week 7 and we will be graduating at the same time! How about a virtual graduation party?? ;-)


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