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Week 6

Well, that finishes week 6, onwards and upwards for week 7. And you don't know (actually you probably do) how scary that sounded just 6 short weeks ago!


Yes it was hard for me. But I mean that logistically rather than physically (sorry to everyone that's struggled physically with this run). It was a Wednesday run, which meant it was after work. I'd had a bit too much liquid at work as the automatic windows were stuck open so it was freezing and drinking hot drinks was the only way to keep warm so even though i had a wee before I left I seemed to have a very full bladder. I managed to forget to put my sports bra on when I changed! This meant that as I was worried about bouncing I couldn't stow my iPod there so it had to go down my knickers (why can't we have little pockets in our M&S running shorts?) and I wasn't sure whether I'd lose it downwards halfway through and have to cope with running and retrieving it! The run went well though, apart from having to retrieve left hand bra strap every 10 seconds during the first 5 mins run (after that it seemed OK, must have been the sweat making it stick in place).


Kitted out properly this time, this was hard, I've only run for 10 minutes once before and that was the 20 minute run last Sunday. But I managed!


This morning, a grey day at 9am (I can't drag myself out of bead at the crack of dawn (or before) like some of you). I went with Alex and Grace again, Alex on her bike, Grace running. A bit more trepidation that last week's 20 minute run as this week. Grace had splinters from high heels at a party last night so after the first 30 seconds of running decided to walk. But I kept going. Laura told me when I was 5 minutes in and it takes about that long for me to settle down so now I realise what you all mean when you say the longer runs are easier than the interval runs. I can sort of keep track of how long I've been running with how many songs have played (I'm still listening to Laura's music as I've mainly got audiobooks on my iPod), but I was happy when she told me I'd gone 12.5 minutes and was halfway there. She warned me again at 20 minutes. And unlike last week she didn't give me a 2 minute warning, but a 60 second one. By this time my thighs were like lead so when she said if there's anything there lets go for it I had to apologise and say no, but I was about 10 yards short of the sign post when she said stop so I kept going as it would make an easy place to map to. So all told, I ran 2.23miles in 25 minutes! Woohoo!

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