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Week 6 - ✔️

So feeling very tired and with the onset of a cold, I dragged myself out this morning for my first 25 minute run.

Wasn't feeling too hopeful but it's amazing, once into my stride, I felt fine. Was waiting for Laura to tell me I'd been running for 10 minutes but she tricked me, she waited until 12.5 mins.

Good call as I was elated to know I was half way!!!

So, on to week 7 and no more walks for me.


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Well done!!! Excellent news

I know the programme now calls for all running but don't knock walking. Walking breaks will feature when you start running longer distances post C25k and they can save your life in a race or whatever and mean the difference between completing a run and not. So walks are your friend

Good luck with your next run. Get some good grub down you and make sure you're well hydrated. Pick the right time and place and go for it

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Thank you miss wobble. Definitely not knocking the "no walking". Was more of a fear statement LOL.

I still can't believe that in 6 weeks, Laura has transformed me!!!


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Wow, you're doing so well...I am doing week 6 tomorrow, life and failure of week 5run 3 put me back...but am hoping to be able to do tomorrow's run...and then work up from there...I'm not looking forward to them, knowing how hard I found the 20mins....MUST go and get shoes sorted as I'm pretty sure that's what's holding me back now!

Well done you x

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Thanks redfraggle.

Don't let week 5 run get you down. You did it. Sometimes life just gets in the way too. I'm on holiday soon so hoping I can still manage the runs.

I bought new shoes quite early on as my back was hurting. They didn't help that but think it wa just my body getting used to running.

The shoes however are great. So light and squishy...God that such a girly thing to say😃

Good luck with week 6 and let us know how you get on. I'm sure you will be just fine 😍😘

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Hoping to get time to run today/tomorrow and then get shoes sorted Thursday...ready to run in evening...

Holiday soon here too, planning on beach runs on hard sand but it might be the promenade instead, depends on tide times etc

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