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I know I know .... Don't all shout at once!!!

After this mornings massive fail on W6R1, I have spent the day in an evil mood.. So I went out this evening and DID IT!!!!!! I know I'm in the wrong but I was so annoyed with myself I couldn't not try once more.

I promise never to do this again but i just needed to do it to prove to myself this morning was just a hiccup. I am however wondering if the foggy weather makes a difference to running and the breathing because this evening seemed to much easier with clear air.

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Well done - but be very strict with yourself not to do that again :)

We all have horrible runs and we just have to learn to put them behind us.

Yes, running in very damp conditions can have an effect on your breathing. Far better to wait until it clears.


Well done you - love your spirit! I'm the same!!! I was determined not to stop on that run but I could have so so so easily!!!

I've just done wk6r2 and it's so much easier. I actually really enjoyed it once I got into my rhythmn!

Enjoy! And Congrats - we'll be graduating before we know it.....well hopefully before the cold weather sets in!


Well done, 7ermintrude! That is sheer willpower at work. Sometimes you've just gotta do these things, it woud've niggled at you until you nailed it. Butj I agree, you shouldn't make a a habit of running twice in a day, maybe even take an extra rest day before you run again?

Like nickinocki says, you are well on your way to graduating now, only 1 more interval run! Let us know how you're doing.


I've done two runs in a day before as well, when my first run didn't go as planned. Some sources say that it can actually be good to run twice in one day occasionally, although it's best not to make a habit of it when your body is still new to running.

Well done on completing the run. Remember though that the first run wasn't a fail, it was just a step on your c25k journey, and every run makes you a bit stronger for the next one, even the bad runs. :)


I've done it before when I knew I had to get back out there before I build it into some massive hurdle in my head - I think as long as you don't make a habit out of it, it's not going to do you any harm and in this case, it was clearly the right thing to do!


Good for you. I admire your spirit. I know form my experience trying C25K last year that a hard run can put you off. Sure it's why I didn't make it last time. Congratulations. You are ahead of me but people like you inspire me yo keep going


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