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The hills are alive with the sound of "I DID IT!!"

I'm 50

Today was day 50 and the last day of 'the plan'

"Run 5k and record your time" it said

So I did

33min.52sec :)

I have to fess up that I did not run round the hills of the village this time but had to contend with a strong onshore wind instead. My wonderful other half drove me down to the shore road to run along a lovely fairly flat path, and said if you manage it in less than 35 mins I'll treat you to a very large piece of cake.

Bring on the cake!!

I want to thank all the members here for their support along the way and I will wear my green badge with pride.

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Well done you!! Your green badge'll look lovely up beside your name :-)

Look at the sea for me next time you're running beside it, we're landlocked here and I miss the ocean.

And tell us about your next run (with the badge)!


You're an inspiration to a fellow 50 something. Very well done and enjoy your cake.


Cngratulations, Ceefin, very well done! And a really good time for your 5k too. Hope the cake was scrumptious, you earned it!


Oh, and Happy Birthday too! What a brilliant celebration you'll be having - C25k AND a major birthday!


Well done! It must be amazing to run by the sea


Be proud, very proud. I hope you enjoyed your birthday cake, good job you had that after your run and not before ;) Congratulations, job well done.


Thanks to all for the comments. Cake will be consumed in large quantities starting within the next few minutes lol


Congratulations on running 5K! Enjoy your cake - you've earned it! ;-)


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