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I just finished Week 8... How'd that happen?

It was a little uncomfortable, but I ran for 28 minutes. My next run is the 'real thing' then, a full 30-minute jog.

It's scary to think that I started a little over nine weeks ago (I repeated a week when events stopped me running) unable to run 60 seconds without getting tired out. And on Monday, I will be finished.

If I can do Monday, I've finished. Technically, there's the rest of the week to do, but the truth is that Monday is the last time I 'move up' to the next podcast, the last time I add time to my runs. Once I do my next run, it will just be the first of many 30-minute runs.

So... That's it, I've done all the preparation and Monday is the start of a new life as a person who runs 5k every other day. The 'graduation' on Friday is a formality; Monday is the threshold.

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Funny I was wondering how you were getting on, haven't seen you in these parts for a bit.

Great effort, well done.



Well done! That's fantastic and I fully agree. I should have done W8R1 yesterday, then again ths morning, but I'm frightened! I found 25mins hard going and I can't imagine failing, therefore I keep putting it off! I've got other hard things to face today (meeting my mother for the first time in 20 years) but tomorrow I'll definitely be out there. I've mapped the route and know what I'm facing and so desperately want to be writing what you've written this time next week!


Well done. you should feel proud


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