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Going to start over again but worried about my artificial disc replacements!!

I got up to Week 2 run 2 and got serious man flu (a slight feeble cough!) but whilst waiting to get back to my usual unfit self my back started giving me cause for concern. I have the past had three different ops to fix a couple of damaged discs and am now the owner of two artificial ones, fitted through my stomach!, which I feel are a complete success. I was not told to "not" do anything exercise wise by my consultant and have been feeling pretty good since (last op was 3 years ago)...but I now have a bit of back pain. This I hope is just my body adjusting to the fact that it has NEVER ever run before..I am a couple of stone lighter than I was as well (Atkins) so should I start again? A thirteen stone bloke can only tipy toe run so much as not to jolt his spine. btw sadly my consultant nick boeree was killed this year in a bike accident so there is no one to advise me now? Any advise would be great and I would really like to get through this podcast.

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I think this probably needs professional advice. Were you given exercises to get/keep your back strong and mobile post op. Have you been doing them? (I know there's a lot more I should be doing).

It is probably just your body adjusting to this strange running thing but a bit of protective physio would not be a bad thing


Hi Kandoit, yes I have done all the post op stuff and passed with flying colours! the sitting on th gym ball core exercise , miles and miles of walking, I just still make sure I don't lift too much but I "should" be able to now go the next step shouldn't I?


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