Week 8 complete!!!

Whoo hoo!! I done week 8. I'm beginning to feel like a real runner and have tempted fate by ordering my C25K shirt. As I ran round the park for my last couple of minutes I thought wow did I really struggle round here 8 weeks ago? It seems like a lifetime ago. I love running even in the cold and rain, but I especially love it on mornings like today when the sun was just breaking through the clouds and the birds were chirping. I think I'm on an endorphin high so I'm off to work with a real bounce in my step today.

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  • Well done AnnaDJ, you're on the home straight! You ARE a real runner!

  • Thats great AnnaDJ and makes me feel that I too can get to W8! I will be finishing W3 tonight and cant imagine running for so long but know that it is possible when I read comments like yours so thanks for the encouragement.

    I would love to be able to run in the morning but it would be too dark for me so I just make the most of the weekend mornings for now.

  • I couldn't imagine running this long at wk3 either but I promise you can and will. Keep at it.

  • Well done Anna, you're almost there.

  • Soon to be graduate!!!! ;-) Well done!!!!

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