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Week 4, Run 2. Again. No, you haven't woken up in a parallel Universe......C25K has rescued me!

I graduated 2 months ago now and blogged on a regular basis, but have gone through the ringer a little over the past month after losing my Dad to Cancer.

As you can imagine, the 'fight' was knocked out of me somewhat and I was struggling to get motivated.

However.......after speaking to a few of my mates about the programme and my weight loss, they decided that they wanted to start C25K, but only if I came along for motivation!

Sooo, here we are, 4 weeks later, doing C25K again, but this time out on the roads and not around a football field - with company to help stimulate the mind and not all alone at 6am in the morning!

Along with my daily 2 mile walk to work (4 mile round trip), I am more active on a daily basis than I was when I was training for 10k (which I had to cancel in the end), which is rather weird and now we are planning to do a race for Velindre Hospital in November, en Mass (30 of us!) to raise some funds.

C25K has saved my sanity in a way. Sad story, in more ways than one, but true!

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Ah, big hug, Innuendo, so sorry to hear about your Dad. That must indeed have knocked the stuffing out of you. But welcome back here, we've missed you. And you doing c25k along with your friends is great. They'll have the advantage of your experience to help them and I'm sure it will help you in your sad time, to get out there and prepare for your fund-raising race. Best of luck.


Yes, so sorry to hear about your dad. In terms of stress relief from your loss though, getting out there with some friends and getting some exercise is a very good thing.

Be kind to yourself, grief is a hard thing to work through. So glad you are back!



I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. How lucky your friends are to have an experienced mate to run with them first thing in the morning!!


Very sorry to hear about your Dad Innuendo. But glad you've found the strength and resolve to get out there running again. Raising funds for such a good cause should be a great motivator.


Sorry for your loss Innuendo.

Great to hear that you're back out there running especially with friends to keep you company. I look forward to hearing of your second graduation!


I am sorry to hear about you Dad Innuendo. I lost my Nan, best friend and neighbour last year and I have to say that running really helped to make me feel sane again. It's great that you have mates to run with; you are clearly their role model now!


Welcome back Innuendo, I'm new here since you were last blogging I'm guessing. So sorry to hear about your Dad.

Great that you are back on the program and so good for your friends to have the benefit of your running experience to help them on their journey.

Take care and be kind to yourself. CaroleC is right, grief is a difficult thing and everyone will deal with things differently and in their own way.

All the best.


So sorry to hear about your Dad. innuendo. Great to hear you are running again and even better that you are accompanied by your mates. All the best with the C25K programme and your planned race for the hospital funds.


Sorry about your dad innuendo, you are so brave to pull yourself up and get out again. Good luck with the race. Xx


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