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Bring on the Challenge


Last week on my first post I asked if everybody grew to like running because at the moment I don't. That night the running gods took their revenge on me and I awoke to find that the running aches I was suffering from had turned into pains in my left knee and right hip so I thought I should not run for a few days. I have felt fine for the last two days and after a couple of walks I have decided to resume in the morning. Over the last couple of days I have become angry that I cannot run, not because I have suddenly grown to love it but because I am missing the challenge. The big challenge of moving from the couch to a 5K runner but also the challenge that I have every run to complete it. So far I have completed 9 mini challenges and only have 18 more to go (help). Wk4R1 here I come!!!!!!!

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Well done you... slow, steady and errr.. enjoy :)


You've started so you'll finish!! And then what Oldfloss said too.

When you've graduated you can have a longer think about whether you like running enough to do more. But by then you'll either be smitten or sufficiently fit to try out anything else that takes your fancy... :-)

Get better soon xx

ruralfranceGraduate in reply to sallenson

This is really good advice. Not everyone does necessarily like running but completing the challenge is excellent for fitness, mental and physical. Once it's done you can sit back and work out what you want to do next from a position of strength! Good luck, Oldfool .

OldfoolGraduate in reply to ruralfrance

Thanks for the encouragement


Good luck tomorrow. Go early - it’s gonna get hot!

sallensonGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Do you say that to all the girls?

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to sallenson

I don’t know any. 🤣

sallensonGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

You should go out shopping more....

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to sallenson

Frankly I should just go out. At all.

sallensonGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

That would be a start...

OldfoolGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

If its too hot in the morning I'll leave it to the evening, it cools down here quite quickly


You’re doing really well Oldfool. I’ve found every run a little different, but I love doing it. It’s a great thing you’ve decided to do. Keep going! We’ll be cheering you on! ❤️


Keep going oldfool ...Your.doing great ..I know it's not good when you.cant get out to run ..Run and enjoy the challenge 😊😊

I know exactly how you feel, I’m out of action at the moment with hip problems, that’s what you get when you don’t start till a grand old age like myself. But I will be back and I am missing it dreadfully 😳

OldfoolGraduate in reply to Babfab59

Thanks for the reply I hope you get back running soon.😀


You've got to take it easy. If it hurts go back and start again. It doesn't matter how long it takes just take it easy. 👍

OldfoolGraduate in reply to Hidden

My problem is my legs start to ache while I am putting my trainers on 😬

I’m feeling just the same. Never run before this now on week 7. I find having a longer break between runs helps recovery I’m managing 2 week at moment but did have a full week off on week 4. Next challenge is an outside run tomorrow morning and it’s super hot !

OldfoolGraduate in reply to Janrt

I have thought of taking 2 rest days between runs. I will see how it goes this week


Hi Oldfool

You are approaching it the right way, if something don't feel right, take a break till it does. The program is not that rigid, take care of yourself first. You will complete, at your pace.

Will you ever like running? up to you, you don't have to.

I just graduated, felt the same as you and asked the same question. Point is, I don't need to 'like' running (and I still don't... yet) as long as something motivates me to get out and do it. I was concerned about this having got to the end of wk 9.

Funny thing is, something made me run yesterday? I was thinking I'll have a break this weekend and do week 9 again starting Monday, gradually building up pace and to get to 5k. I took the dog out last evening, still very warm, was in my running shoes (odd) T shirt and shorts standard anyway this weather, looked at my watch and started running!!! (ambling in my case), did not intend to do much, then I noticed I had 10 minutes left to do my 30... couldn't stop!!! just had to do it.

I can't say I was enjoying it, but the buzz I get from having done it (you must get that?) is maybe what I am getting addicted to.

So in a way maybe you do get to enjoy it after all. I hated running for running sake all my life, get a ball involved, a different story. Well we all change...

Don't know how old an Oldfool is, I am 62, diabetic, 2 new hips and other stuff, but i'm feeling much younger now!

Hope that helps with your motivation!

Keep grinding, one foot at a time... you will succeed!


OldfoolGraduate in reply to Kimyeo

Thanks for the reply Kimyeo, and the encouragement. At the moment it is the buzz, (sense of achievement) from completing each run that makes me want to keep going and will help me complete the program. I hope you keep running why not try to step up to 10k there are a few apps that will help

I know how you feel I've been unwell all week and wasn't able to go to my 4th week and felt so frustrated! Like you it's the challange for me I'm 50 have asthma, fatty liver disease and am the most overweight one there! I'm not the best and was impressed with myself for running 2.5 mins without stopping. I also missed my aqua aerobics class this week and have not exercised since last week.

But remember how much you have achieved nd feel proud of yourself! X

OldfoolGraduate in reply to dhalia_black

Hi dhalia, thanks for the encouragement likewise you should be proud of what you have achieved. Hope you get better and back running soon.


I never ever thought I would utter the words, “I’m enjoying this”!! But I too have a slight injury. I graduated about 3 weeks ago, but on Monday damaged the tendon in my ankle and feel so FRUSTRATED AND MISERABLE ☹️Can’t wait to get out there again. Believe me it will come. You’re doing really well. Keep up the good work 😘

OldfoolGraduate in reply to Gilly0410

Hi Gilly0410, thanks for the reply and encouragement. I hope you recover quickly and get back to enjoying your running


This is an interesting thread for me. I posted a month ago that I was disappointed having reached W4 that I felt no benefit and certainly no pleasure. Since then I have reached W5R2, but have stalled because of injury (biking accident). I still feel no pleasure. People talk about the buzz/glow of achievement, but after a run I feel no more than the relief I used to get after completing my self-assessment tax return. I'm going to complete the program, as it's on my bucket list and I'm a tenacious old b******. I'll let you know how I feel after W9R3.

OldfoolGraduate in reply to Oldman51

Hi Oldman51 I do get a buzz but it’s due to the success of completing the run and the fact I don’t have to repeat it. The run itself I just find difficult and a pain, my legs start to ache as I tie my trainers up😂, but I am the same as you I will complete the program because I am determined that I will, it won’t beat me. Good luck with the rest of your journey

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