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W4R3 (2nd attempt)!

Newbie here - been lurking for a couple of weeks

Have managed up to now doing 3 runs a week, but after a really poor effort on Sunday, I decided to repeat W4R3 - poor show was probably down to hangover + lack of food and sleep ;)

Must say it went much better this time, and I'm now a bit more optimistic about W5 - I'm making a point of not looking at what's required before I go out again. Tried out a new toy today as well - treated myself to a cheapo HR monitor, which seems to do the job. I'm also using Endomondo to track my runs.

I reckon I'm doing ok considering I could barely run my own length 5 weeks ago!

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Hello :)

Glad to hear you've made it up to that start of week 5, that's brilliant! Like you say just try not to worry about what's coming up in the runs ahead, just stick with it and you'll get there.


Your doing great! Week 5 will go so much better for you! I learned around week 2 that over indulging was not a good thing prior to a run day! Hard lesson learned! :-)


Yeah, not very smart, was it? :)


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