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Getting closer

Ok peeps i tried to run on saturday but tbh was too tired after a night i did it Sunday...please note I DID IT!! Oh yes indeedy 30 minutes of Queen ( again) as i pounded along KNOWING i was gonna complete it.

Please can i suggest everybody listen to Queen when running but 'oh my god DONT listen to FLASH!! A poo film and seriously poo running song'

Hey ho one to go....i aint no Mo but i'm having a go :-D

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'I ain't Mo but I'm having a go!' I'm going to chant that to myself tonight as I give W5R3 another go. Queen rock btw!


.. and very very well done! (sorry forgot to say!)


Love the blog and yes I listen to Queen and I have to admit some Abba too. Love the new mantra "I ain't Mo but I'm having a go!" All the best for the one remaining.



I think swapping podcasts to Queen at the end of the 9 weeks shall now be one of my goals!

Plus that mantra is truly brilliant! I will be using that too!

Well done on getting through it all too. Everyone at week 9 is an inspiration to me! :)


I was rummaging in my CD collection to find my Queen CDs to make into mp3 files when my son told me he had them on his pc already. Woohoo, for bringing our sons up to have good taste in music (some of the time). This saved me the job of burning CDs. Tomorrow I'm going to be blasting along to some of Queen's Greatest hits as I run.


I want a "I ain't Mo but I'm having a go" t shirt. Now. What a great mantra, thanks.


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