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W3R3 complete: Week 3 done

After the other day I wasn't too sure how I would get on today. Yesterday was pretty busy and I got home late so a little less sleep than I might have hoped for before my final run of week 3.

Nevertheless, got up and started early enough. Laura gets us moving straight away and the first run of the day was quite hard work but the next two seemed ok. It was that last 3 minute run that I thought was going to do it for me. I got the 'only another 60 seconds' message as as I got onto the path on the road-side of my local park and thought 'surely that's about the bus stop then I'm done' but it wasn't and the next steps seemed to get harder and harder. Laura was encouraging me 'even if my legs were feeling it'. But it wasn't my legs: they have been fine since getting a decent pair of shoes. It was the hard breathing and fighting to finish. I really struggled just to get to her saying I was done

I have had a look at the Week 4 programme and felt, wow, that's going to be a challenge. It's quite a step up from the Week 3, in which it's been a total of 9 minutes running, to 16 minutes total running. I start on Tuesday after I get back from school, likely 6.30 or after. Slightly concerned that I might be out of routine, having to change Thursday to Friday this week but that extra day could be good with a Sunday finish.

One positive has been the tracking on Endomondo which does show (marginal) improvements run-on-run, so I must be getting something right. I'd like to see progress without having to flick through the history section and try to remember what I'd done on previous runs to figure it out. I was thinking about buying and downloading the Pro version. Has anyone tried it? Advice please if you have or alternatines if you have used something else. (Think I need to post that as a question!!)

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Well done on week 3 janda. I started W4 yesterday and other than a rather agonisingly long final minute of running, I managed ok, so don't worry. I'm learning very quickly that it's all about pacing yourself, mind over matter and believing that the programme works. Good luck with week 4!


Cheers Fraz73. I'll let you and everyone know how I get on after Tuesday's first run of W4.


Nicely done on week 3. I feel the same as you do, the last run on W3 was hard and whilst I'm looking forward to starting week 4 tomorrow I'll just have to believe that it will work because otherwise it seems too hard.

I don't use Endomondo so I can't help but as you suggest it's probably worth asking in the question section.


Thanks Chewy. Good luck with tomorrow's start on W4. I look fwd to seeing your blog! I asked the Q in the right section. Let's see what people say. Cheers.


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