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1 Run left before Graduation - Ran too far last night!

Hello All,

Well last night I did Week 9 Run 2. I decided to listen to my own music for the first time as I find the music so important for motivation and was struggling with the podcast ones. I should have checked properly the lengths of songs and when to stop though. I ended up running for an extra 2-3 minutes in order to make sure I finished it. I should have put my watch on! Aah well, at least I know I can run further if I want!

I was poorly a few weeks ago and missed a few runs but got back onto it asap. It feels amazing to now be at this stage. I'm doing around 5.7km per run which I just never thought possible. It's such an amazing feeling. I love that I can get out and cover all that distance and come home - it makes me feel so refreshed. Don't get me wrong, it's bloomin hard work too! Last night I recovered quicker afterwards but definitely struggled at times throughout. If I find I'm thinking too much about stopping I just try and refocus my mind.

So one more run then I'm done :-) I'll have to think what to do after!

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Wow, that's an awesome distance (and therefore speed too). Well done, specially for keeping going after being poorly.

Enjoy your graduation run, I look forward to seeing it very soon.


Amazing distance, you must be brimming over with excitement! Well done and roll on graduation


Thanks guys. I am very excited for sure! I've even got my boyfriend involved now... he's about to start week 2! It must certainly be motivating to watch someone complete something like this. I know that's why I started.

Rest day today and graduation run tomorrow night :-)


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