Run before night shift?

Hey all I'm BRAND new to this, and have been sat here reading all your inspirational stories and have to congratulate every single one of you!

I am that made up and chuffed that I want to start right NOW! But is this wise?

I have a night shift this evening at 7pm, yep I'm a nurse will this kill me off doing the first run? Or should I play it safe and start tomorrow / Saturday?

Look forward to hearing from you all 😉


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11 Replies

  • Not knowing your background and state of fitness, it is hard to say. Maybe it would be better to start tomorrow or Saturday. You will then have an idea of the effect the run has on you and your body, and will then be better placed to decide if you could run before a shift later in the programme.

    Wouldnt want you to start and it have negative impact on your work shift that you don't go out for run 2.

  • Pretty much exactly what I was going to say.

  • Hey Qscout - yes I think your right, I wanted to start when the iron was hot sort of thing, but you are right, I will do my night shift tonight and run tomorrow 😊 thanks for your help

  • Good luck with the run tomorrow, don't forget to let us know how you get on.

  • There was a post a few days ago.. a student nurse, ( i think)..and she ran the morning after her shift and she said, although it felt hard initially, she felt really good after and ready for her sleep after :)

  • I agree. I do run before work myself, but the first time I went out was a non-work day, so when I did go on the pre-work run I knew what I was getting myself into.

    However, as has been said, if you are reasonably fit and active the W1 runs would be doable.

  • Thanks WhatsApp, well my job as a nurse means walking around for 12.5 hours around a ward, so i would say I get some exercise? I'm gonna play it safe though and run tomorrow 😎

  • I was a doctor in A&E, so walked a lot but running is definitely different. I think you probably could do the first run before a night shift but it would be more sensible to wait and then you can judge how it affects you personally.

  • Thanks Qscout watch this space, will deffo update tomorrow eeek! 👍

  • Hi, also a nurse doing 12 hour shifts . I think wait to after work it's a great way of destressing and more enjoyable!

    Good luck 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • What branch of nursing are you in I'm a children's nurse but recently did my scphn degree

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