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I am the Queen of SLOW (self appointed) and a challenge

First up I'll 'fess up to not having been running for a while. I injured my calf in July rested two weeks and then went back to week 6 run1. Was fine until I failed w6 run 3 ... found my calf was OK with run walk intervals with up to 10 min running but objected strongly to anything longer than 15 min running continuously. I started running intervals 5 run 1 walk x 4 or 5 but without Laura to push me ..... I can't believe its been 8 weeks that I've fallen off the wagon but I might just be back on now.

Yesterday my daughter DRAGGED me out to the Parkrun that only two months ago I had been waxing lyrical about. She was finally free to have a go and needed a lift. If I was there I might as well take part...

She came in with a very respectable 33 min

My result was spectacular in its own peculiar way: 980th out of 981 with a time of 51:05

Not my worst (53:30) or my best (41:41) but at least I did it and ENJOYED it. The weather was lovely and the enthusiasm catching. So what if I walked most of it? I did run some of it. Why did I stop?

I AM the queen of slow but I don't mind cos I'm really looking forward to next Saturday's park run.

In the mean time I'm going back to the beginning and doing w1r1 on monday..

A CHALLENGE: Someone usurp me with a slower "official" 5K time

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Well done for getting out there and doing parkrun. :) That's a huge field! I've only been to parkrun once (week 7, didn't complete it) and there were only about 20-30 participants. I'm sure I would have 'beaten' your time if I'd persevered, but I would have been a good 15 minutes behind the next slowest and I didn't want to keep people waiting around for little old me. I'm hoping to try parkrun again some time soon, but will go somewhere with a few more entrants so I'm not quite so far behind. ;)


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