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Did a great run sunday - now feel as though I am back at square one

Well not quite -I did have great run sunday (10k and a PB) and was feeling rather pleased with my improvement in fitness levels, motivation and general keeness with this running lark.

So tuesday - is my short sharp run day - usually 30 -40 mins of running including some intervals. I was kind of ok to begin with - but my left calf was really tight and my dodgy hip decided to make an appearance. I managed the run - but there were quite a few start and stops and I was very pleased to stop at the end.

Now really annoyed with my body for showing its age- I am hobbling avoiding going upstairs. Tsk possibly needed one more rest day....

Blah- in a very grumpy mood:-(

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Go easy on yourself. Maybe your pb took a bit more of a toll on your body than you realised. Sometimes we don't acknowledge the effort those pb's take. And by the way I am sure it's not age related. I actually do not know many "youngsters" that do a 10k run. I am sure after a bit of rest you will be back at them.


Thanks for encouragement and support RFC - much appreciated :-)


You will be fine, the new runs will probably have been on different courses to your usual running and when aiming for times etc you will have pushed a bit further. Take care of the muscles and do a bit of stretching, I am sure my tight muscles have given me the niggly ankle / Achilles from what I have read of my symptoms and hence have taken it easier, and after my run on Sunday stopped and did some stretches before my 5min walk home. I am sure an extra day is all it needs.

I know you are now doing 10k - 30 -40 mins is still not a short run!! at least not for me.


Thank you - that is very kind and reassuring. I keep forgetting as we raise the bar more effort and then recovery is required. Thank you for the reminder:-)


just run 2and a half same thing little runs and a bit of fast walking otherwise you will over do runners knees be careful ive dne 10 k amd thought id b able to run longer if your like me 45 you need to recover good luck


thanks -yes I am taking rest days this week now - feel like I need them


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