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I always need a goal to aim for, my next one is the altimate in madness!!!

I know this is madness but I just want to try it one day!! We have a hill here in Aberdeen well known for its steep gradient called Jacobs Ladder, many years ago (about 30 odd) I cycled up this hill although it took many, many attempts before I mastered it!! I have this morning planned out a new route, leaving my home and heading in the opposite direction than ever before, why was this? Yep because Jacobs Ladder was always in my way. So today I have mapped out an 8K route taking in the dreaded JL, first I want to be able to run down it, that in itself will be a challenge, it really is a steep bu??er. Then I plan to walk/run up it until one day I hope to be able to post a blog saying "I've only been and gone and done it" That will be the day when I have run the whole 8K route, both directions (not together I might add) without stopping. Mmmmmmmm is this the altimate challenge or altimate in madness?!? Well I won't know until I at least try it ;)

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When I read the title of this blog, I *knew* it was from you before even checking the 'Posted by'!

Maybe one day in the future, we could do a run up Bennachie! ;-)


Is that due to my bad spelin then ;) Now I have walked Bennachie for those not in the know its pronounced Ben-a-he, but never thought of running up it, I think that would kill me long before I got even half way :) I think the coming back down would be even harder too. :)


No, not at all. It's due to your 'got-to-have-a-new-goal-The-madder-the-better attitude! ;-)


Good luck with Jacob's Ladder, sounds like you are totally locked onto this challenge. I am also trying to conquer a hill near my house, last year I managed to run it with two walking bits, this year I am back to three walking bits. Funny how it goes, once I put a hill run into my weekly running schedule my fitness and stamina came on leaps and bounds; thought it was purely coincidence last year but it happened again this year.

I also have to admit I talk (well, to put it politely) to that d***n hill all the times as I run up it, it is mostly my shoes listening to me as I concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other but I have startled a few tourists over the summer who gave me a wide berth <<<<grin>>>>>


Love it but you are completley mad! Always good to have a goal to aim for....can't wait to read your blog when you've done it won't be too long coming either


Just to clarify fellow runners, this here hill called Jacobs Ladder is of the tarred /pavement/road type not a rough terrain mountain type, but that should and does not detract from the fact that its still a steep bu??er ;) Will try and get a photograph one day.


2nd time I've written this blog, 1st one has gone a.w.o.l. ;)

Off I went this morning to run my new route taking in the dreaded Jacob's Ladder but down it to have a look and see if its as steep as I remembered, it is!! I had real wobbly knees by the time I had trotted down JL and continued on down Abbotshall Dr which is really long and steep in parts. In total this whole part of the route is 1.2K all uphill. I think it will kill me to run it in reverse!! I then managed to run 1K all uphill (very slowly) but not nearly as steep to get home. Total distance 7K in 45:30.

Next time I do this route it will be in reverse but the Abbotshall Dr and Jacobs Ladder will take a few attempts to be able to run continually up it so I'm planning to walk/run it in intervals of my ability to start with.

Ah well life's for living and hubby says its keeping me out of mischief so we are both happy campers ;)


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