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Why was it so hard

Today was the first time that I really could have stopped running and slipped off home! Even though the run was for the same time as Wednesday I really struggled today. I'm on W7R1 so running for 25 mins and while W6R3 was challenging it always felt doable but today didn't feel doable at all and I can't say why, because in terms of time of day and preparation it was the same.

But comparing my stats today was a slightly better run

Today: distance 3.37km, avg pace 7.39min/km, max pace 5.17 min/km, cal 188

Two days ago: distance 3.23km, avg pace 7.44min/km, max pace 5.31min/km, cal 182

I'm going to track the next two runs across the same route and see what, if anything, changes

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I felt like you on my last run of WK7, Just wanted to give up, I really struggled, I changed my route for WK8 and it made such a difference.I finished WK8 this morning, I'm going to change my route again when I start WK9, keep with it you will get there


I've just finished week7 and connot describe how much of a struggle it's been. I know I'm not alone just see others blogs about week7. I think it's a matter of your body adjusting to these non-stop longer runs. Stay with it. It's all doing us good, or at least that's what I keep telling myself.


Well done for making it through WK7 run 1. I had to abandon after 20 mins which was a real confidence blow after managing WK6 run 3. I took a few days extra rest and then carried on and focused on the fact I'd done it already so I could do it again. Take heart that it does get easier! I'm now into week 9 with 1 run to go.


I did W7R1 today too, and spent quite a lot of it wondering how I was going to motivate myself to carry on with these longer runs. Even with my own music it felt like a chore today till I got to the last bit and then I felt better again. I don't know, is it the monotony? Or just knowing that you're doing something hard, okay something you know that barring accidents is managable, but hard... (and even if you don't make it this time you know you'll do it another time)

Funny how some runs you just whizz through and others you really have to give yourself a good talking to. :-(


Hi Caroline

Don't be discouraged just because you've had a bad run. It happens everyone sooner or later for all sorts of reasons, being tired, not having eaten, hot weather, a slight cold, time of the month or just no reason at all. Today was very hot here and you ran faster than W6R3 so maybe that's why it felt harder, because you were working harder! The main thing is you finished, you built a bit of fitness and you are one step closer to being able to run for 30 mins. I found W7 quite hard partly because I hated the music. For the longer runs lots of people make their own playlist or use other music (even if it does seem disloyal to Laura!). You are well on your way and i will look forward to seeing your graduation blog in a couple of weeks! ;-)


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