So disheartened,what to do now?

After my previous post I decided to try a different running app to measure my distance. Today I used Runkeeper. I really liked the app as it talked to me at regular intervals during my run and also broke down my run by each km (unlike my previous Sports Tracker app) I did a Podrunner Interval run reaching 7.43 km in 57 minutes average 7.44min/km. This app confirmed the same distance as my previous app :( I am just so disappointed at how slow I am. I believed I was achieving 5k in 32 mins when really it's more like 37 after 2 years of running!!

At the moment I only run once per week for an hour. I then do a 45min spin class followed by a 30 min legs,bums and tums class once a week and an hour body pump class followed by 30 mins swimming once a week. I enjoy this variety but am wondering if I should do more running to achieve better results. I am finding all my recent runs really tough, should I give up and accept I'm probably not capable of running any faster and try something else?


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  • You are obviously a fan of your data, and I feel for you that this latest App reports you speed lower than you expected.

    Clearly, you are highly motivated, and super-fit. All those classes must give you a real cardio workout. Be pleased that you are so active.

    There are plenty of posts on this forum about improving your speed - search for Fartlek - and many graduates report good results for Interval training. I'm only just starting C25K so I'm no expert, but I agree with you: you need to run more often and more varied to increase your 5k time.

    Why not accept that currently you run 37minutes? Now try interval training to bring this down to 35 minutes over the next 2 months? You'll then get the satisfaction of beating your personal best, and this may give you the motivation to get to 34minutes.... etc

    Don't be disheartened, don't give up running, post here regularly and tell us how your time is improving.

  • Maybe you're right and I am too focused on the data. I might try what you suggest to gradually improve my time and I will keep you posted. Thank you!

  • Maybe some shorter runs, eg 5 k, would help. Folks seem to swear by doing intervals, eg speeding up and slowing down as a way of improving fitness. Have you run to Laura's C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts? They're good! Maybe you could up your running to three times a week. I think the variety you're doing should be building up your fitness very nicely. You could do two shorter runs and one longer run per week.

    It's up to you really and what you feel comfortable with. I think we are all capable of running a bit faster. I did that today after being injured for a bit. I'm 57 so have realistic expectations about speed but I still think I can improve.

  • Hi misswobble, yes I have tried all the C25K+ runs. Stepping Stones I find is too slow for me I can walk better to the pace. Speed is good but a bit too short. I have used Stamina lots if I only have time for a 30 min run. Thanks for your reply.

  • I know there is a lot on here about speeds and PB's but the main thing must be to enjoy it so please try not to feel too disheartened. The variety of exercise you are doing is impressive and you are obviously very fit. I don't think you should give up at all!! Did you even think you could run 5k a couple of years ago. Linda

  • It doesn't matter what your speed is really, as long as you are enjoying it. I would suggest doing Parkrun every now and then. That will give you an accurately timed and measured 5k to use as a base line to measure future progress against. Many of us have found that the atmosphere of Parkrun has drawn PBs out of us and it is fun. I am sure a professional coach would say mix up your running. Bazza123 has posted today about his monthly regime, which makes a lot of sense when it comes to maintaining progress and is worth a look.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I agree with Iannoda Truffle, an occassional timed 5k with other people gives you a little 'push' and also can be sociable - or not if you prefer not. I am sure that you are very fit with the variety and maybe up the running 5k to 3 times a week?

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for all your kind advice guys.Might brave a Park Run one day soon!

  • Yes, have a go at a ParkRun, at ours last week they had pace runners for all sorts of different times so if you had a time in mind you could try and keep up with one. (Personally I run at about the same speed at you and am delighted to run the 5k regardless of the time)

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