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What are your thoughts on gps runners watches?


I really would like to get one but I've seen some bad reviews for the Garmin forerunner 110, which seems to be about the cheapest. The screen mists over and doesn't clear. Do you use one, and what do you think of it? Or are you thinking about getting one? I'm restricted by the price.

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I have a garmin 405c and I love it! It came with a heart rate monitor and two spare straps. I use all the features on it and find it really motivating.


I have a 110 and have used it for over a year and its great.

It has occasionally misted a bit but it does clear pretty easily.

Served me really well and I would buy another.

AliB1Graduate in reply to Greg_M

I have a 110 too and like it. The only thing I don't like is that it can take quite a while to find a satellite!

Greg_MGraduate in reply to AliB1

It can can't it? I can't find a pattern either as to when it does and doesn't


I got a garmin 410 a few weeks ago and I like it. I did find it expensive (on amazon around 150 quid) but I find it very motivating and helpful with the heart monitor so that I can work to heart rate zones. I hope it will work for a long time to justify the expense. I log all my runs on the internet and it's incredibly satisfying to see the hills, times and distances that I've done. Also the calories!!

AliB1Graduate in reply to suki_007

i love seeing the calories burnt


I have a 110 as well which I love. You can check your pace thru'out the run which is really useful if like me you tend to start too fast. I havent had any problems , apart from the day when it recorded I'd run up & down the equivalent of Everest 10 times in 30 minutes (this in London - hmmm). Its great seeing all your stats recorded as well so you check your progress.


Thanks jenniej, the 110 does sound good and it does seem to be the best priced one around. Maybe you had a blank moment and belted round London!!!!


I have a Garmin foretrex 401 - I think it is actually supposed to be for walking but I've been using it for running. It seems to be accurate I love it and never had any trouble with it.

you can edit the .gpx file to avoid problems like JennieJ had.... you can delete the bit where it thinks you've run the distance rather than just turned your device on in a different place. I found this editor quite easy to use routeconverter.de/webstart/en

stayinbedGraduate in reply to Moosele

Thank you, Moosele. I've been having a look, trouble is there are so many different types! Shall keep looking!


I have the Garmin 110 in grey and pink and it has never misted up. The connector thing is a bit dodgy sometimes but not had too much of a problem. I never go out without my Garmin on!



I have a smartphone and use that instead. It plays my music, tracks my runs and has my In Case of Emergency contacts in it (and available from the lock screen).

I can't see any point in spending the money on a Garmin when you can now get a decent smart phone that will do everything you need for running and a whole lot more, on pay as you go, for just £100 - see shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/mo...

Good running :-)


I've never thought of a smartphone, mainly because I always inherit my daughter's cast off phones, but now you've made me think! My brain's starting to hurt! Thanks TrickyHicky


I bought an Ipod Touch a few months ago which does everything except make my tea when I get home. The problem I have with it though is I live in an area with quite a lot of trees, lovely to look at but GPS signal keeps dropping off then I get a load of rubbish. I also found the Garmin was very big for my child sized wrists but didn't look at the ladies Garmin 110 so I'm thinking of checking it out but concerned that it will have the same problem as my Ipod and lose the GPS signal. I'm as confused as you are so for now I use GoodRunGuide and my trusty Speedo swimmers stop watch, basic but does the job.

christian1Graduate in reply to Oldgirl

The ladies 110 is still pretty chunky. I think all the versions of the 110 are the same size, just different colours.


I don't have much choice of places to run, now I've banned myself from grass, and I'm a bit bored with the places I run. I just think it will be good to be able to run anywhere without spending hours planning the run! I've seen one, a Garmin I think, that apparently has brilliant GPS signal but they're sooo expensive!


I recently treated myself to a Garmin 110 (birthday money saved up!). I have not quite got to grips with all the gadgetry yet but am pleased with it.

It has its little eccentricities such as mentioned above;-

* can take ages to find satellites,

*sometimes does not seem to start recording the run immediately so lose a bit of data

* does steam up sometimes but clears reasonably fast.

* Also gives some weird results when downloaded on the Garmin site, shows that you have ascended and descended a very steep hill very quickly, when you have actually been running on the flat

* it showed me running right across the canal one day. Rather clever of me I thought. Lol.

But good to check pace, distance, time + HR if you get that version. The above are only minor niggles.

stayinbedGraduate in reply to christian1

Oh, we're so honoured to have you on this site....you know who walked on water!


I have recently bought a Garmin 110 only used it 3 times but am pleased with it. Used to use my smartphone but have recently found that really unreliable for recording runs.

stayinbedGraduate in reply to morningglory

I wonder if the smartphone was unreliable because of the gps signal. I suppose other smartphones may be better though!


I'm another Smartphone user using Endomondo... I use my old HTC Desire to record my runs and just for comparison I note you can spot them on ebay for £70 ish now... There again maybe a Garmin watch is smaller - easier to read whilst running...

KANdoit in reply to Stevetheb

I'm another HTC Desire user. I use Run keeper to log my run and can play MP3s (eg Laura) in the background. I have used Impetus Interval timer (an android app) sent up to sort of mimic Laura plus my own Playlist of MP3s.

I am on my second HTC desire as my first went swimming. It dried out enough for me to continue using it but developed overheating issues.

I also use the HTC Desire with an app called GPST (GPSTracker Lite). Once uploaded I use "My Tour Book" on my PC to keep a log of the runs and it shows all your stats. But I've promised myself a Garmin when I've completed week 6 and I'm into the long runs.


I'm just about to google HTC Desire and see what it's all about!


Hmmm, the smartphones are quite expensive. I don't want to buy a used one as I like to have a guarantee. I'll have to just keep on looking. I may use the stop watch function on my phone at the next Parkrun so that I know roughly how far I've run and how far I've got to go.

KANdoit in reply to stayinbed

My original HTC desire died (it went swimming and never fully recovered). I bought a replacement in good condition from uk.webuy.com (well actually one of their retail outlets - a CeX shop). They gave a 12 month warranty with the phone. 3 month in so far so good


I love my 110 - it's never misted over (touch wood) and the only time it seems to struggle to find a satellite is when I haven't used it for a few days. Once locked on, it hardly ever loses the signal, I've used it in a covered riding arena and no problems even there.

stayinbedGraduate in reply to tantrumbean

Thanks tantrumbean (love the name!), I think the 110 may be the one to go for!


In this months 'Running Fitness' magazine it has their awards winners. According to them Garmin 610 is the best GPS watch. Probably costs a lot though.

In the same issue there is an advert for the NEW Garmin Forerunner10. garmin.com/uk/forerunner10.


I looked at the forerunner 101 and it has a virtual partner that helps you track your progress,showing you whether you need to speed up or slow down to be on target. I love the sound of this, not that I'm lonely by myself! Very tempted by this one, but I'm also tempted by an android phone...I'm even learning the jargon now!

swanscotGraduate in reply to stayinbed

I got an email today from Sweatshop to say they have the new Garmin Forerunner 10 in stock. They say 'Exclusive to Sweatshop' and are £99.99 - only in green and black/red - no pink.

I'm going to wait a while until other stockists get them - I hope the exclusive to SS is not too long - and hope the likes of Wiggle have them cheaper.


I'm sure I've seen the forerunner 10 around already?? If I got one, I think I'd want pink!

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