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Any recommendations for GPS watches?


Hi sorry me again! I'm going to be asking lots of questions!

What GPS watches do you recommend? Also do they measure heart rate?

Thanks in advance.

Elsie :-) xxx

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Most folks have got Garmins. Lots of them do measure heart rate although I've never bothered with a heart rate monitor as I'd find the statistics too much! I prefer to see how my pace rate is rather than seeing how fast my heart is racing. Google Garmins and choose one for Xmas!!


Yes, they do, some use a heart rate monitor strap that has to be worn on the chest, which I have to use the heart rate function on my garmin 210 and works fine, but have to remember to put it on, only once I've forgot, so no big deal, and don't notice I'm wearing it while running. And you can also set the alerts which tells you if your going too far under or over your maximum heart rate, it's adjustable on mine and tells you and bleeps to let you know

Then there's dearer models which have the hrm built-in to the watch, so should be a tad easier in that respect.

Heart Rate-Power And Heart Rate-Pace Relationships Provide Very Useful Information

While heart rate monitoring on its own is admittedly of little value to the endurance athlete, simultaneous monitoring of heart rate and pace in running and of heart rate and power on the bike is very useful in helping the athlete track changes in fitness, fatigue and performance.

For example, as you gain fitness, your heart rate at any given power output or pace should gradually decrease, and your power output or pace at any given heart rate should gradually improve. Tracking both power output or pace and heart rate allows you to follow these trends as they unfold.


ElsieWGraduate in reply to davelinks

Thanks for your help! :-) xxx


Hi Elsie

Most sub £100 GPS watches measure heart-rate but by means of a chest strap.

If you prefer not to have to wear a strap then you want one with a built-in monitor.

2 main choices. Either the Garmin 225 (£160) or its successors, the 230 or 235

OR TomTom Cardio Runner (I bought one in August) - now for £130 ish, or its successors, the TomTom Spark or Runner 2 range which can also play mp3s via Bluetooth.

For what it's worth, I'm very happy with my TomTom and many are happy with their Garmin 225.

Hope that helps


ElsieWGraduate in reply to John_W

Thanks John that's really helpful! :-) xxx

I've got a Garmin forerunner 10 which doesn't measure heart rate but i really like that its not too big or complicated and pretty reliable, i got mine on an Amazon offer for around £50 :) they are around £69 at the mo on there ...........

ElsieWGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Thanks that's the one I've been looking at so good to know it's good! I've put it on my xmas list for my sons! Haha, you never know..........;-) xxx

aliboo70 in reply to ElsieW

i had a black one first for a while then gave it to my brother for his b-day as there was a lilac one on offer, so we have both used them regularly and are very happy with them! :) I hope your sons take the hint! great gadget for motivation and seeing how you're doing! i use the free Strava membership to download it onto.... :)


I have a Forerunner 10 too, I didn't want a heart rate monitor, thought it might frighten the crap out of me! I love my Minnie, and you get to "connect" with other runners from here too if you want and see what everyone's up to"

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