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I've officially got knees now!

Over the last 3 weeks, my knees have started playing up. I've been reading about people's knee problems so I know I'm not alone and mine aren't as bad as many others. Running along the muddy canal path really made me feel them and I feel I should only be running on proper roads & paths as uneven tracks hurt. My knees take time to warm up and sometimes they give way painfully. I always cover them when I come back from a run but some people suggest using ice so I'm going on an expedition to the deepest, darkest depths of the freezer as I'm sure we must have gel pads in there. If you don't hear from me, please would you call out the air/sea/freezer rescue services!!! P.S Did my 2nd run today, 5.5 Ks. Did a slightly different run which made a change. I'm runnng out of places to run and I'm going to find out about gps watches as I think that would give me more flexibility on my runs.

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Interesting - I stay right off roads to protect my knees! I think I've only run on tarmac once and that was when it was covered with snow.


I know, I always thought roads would be bad but dodging from side to side on the muddy canal paths and the tussocky field paths has proved my downfall! No point being awkward if you don't show it!


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