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Week 6......Wow

This evening I ran week 6 run 3. Atfer a 2 week break I found runs 1 & 2 really hard. Thought I'd see how far I'd get tonight. The first five minutes were hard, I started thinking "make it to 10, then walk"(in other word repeat run 2), but I seemed to get in my stride and before I knew Laura was saying I was half way there. The second half of the run was amazing, and as I was going slightly down hill seemed to be running at a good pace, and speeded up a little in the last 5 mins. I just feel amazing, I ran for 25 minutes.

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Well done BettyJane! Good luck for week 7, you are well on your way to graduating xx


Well done.

I've got w6 r3 coming up on Sunday and can only hope I do as well as you.

Good luck for future runs.


Fantastic! I've been stuck on week 6 run 3 all week - 4 attempts so far :( 21 minutes is the most so far. Not giving up though


CONGRATULATIONS! I am into week 6 doing run 2 tonight. I hope it goes better than run 1 did for me. Great job on moving forward into week 7!!!!


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